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Question (Category: Jeep)
I bought a 98 grand cherokee last week. AC worked great. I have a work order where the system was checked and charged. Today it stopped blowing cold air. Just warm air. When and IF the sysem was checked and charged, could a problem be noticed at that time. Is there a way a bad system can be made to work for a short time knowing that it will go bad?
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The most common cause of leakage in your generation of grand cherokee is the evaporator core, which isn't visible without disassembling the dash, It's possible they checked the system and didn't see a leak, then recharged it. But any time you have to recharge an air conditioning system there is a leak, if you don't find it and repair it, it's still going to be there.

Generally what we do if there is no obvious leak is add uv flourecent leak tracing dye to the system and tell the customer to return when the a/c get's warm again, it's impossible to know what happened at the shop that did the recharge on your vehicle, but they should have at least added dye to the system when they recharged it if they had any intention of finding the problem instead of just charging it to get the a/c working again.

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