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Question (Category: Volvo)
Volvo 850R 1997-I repaired a busted air condition hose and attempted to fill it with DIY cans from Autozone...The compressor started clicking after the first can and the the car stalled and the 2 lites on the heater controls started to blink. The car now stalls when I put it in gear and works a miss and stutters until it warms up then seems to work good. Is there a direct relationship between the heat-air system and the ECU? The aircon is still not full at the 30 to 40 lbs is only at 15 lbs or so with 2 cans...I will get more tomorrow. And as my lower hose was busted, do I have to add oil as well as the refrigerant. Optional Information:Year: 1997Make: VolvoEngine: 2.3 L TurboAlready Tried:I hit a curb and cracked my intercooler tank and busted my aircon hose.The car worked bad after......I repaired the tank and all was good again, even better then before as I changed some vac. hoses and cleaned intake,changed air filter, etc...Felt good and after a few days it was the aircon fix...As soon as the 2 amber lites blinked, my new troubles started. I am hoping filling the aircon will fix this...If the ECU is the reason for this, will it reset to normal after the fill or ???
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There is no connection between the ECU's performance, and the airconditioning. The a/c compressor does receive a couple of inputs for the sole purpose of deciding wheather or not to turn the a/c compressor on. And the a/c compressor, would be the output from the ECU.I would suggest that your repair to the intercooler, has developed a leak. This Plastic is oily, and very difficult to get much to bond to it for any time.The a/c lights blinking, are due to a fault in the system. You would need an obd2 code reader that is capable of reading the ECC on a Volvo... If you could get those codes out I can translate the codes into their faults. Being low on refrigerant is not the reason those lights are flashing.And when your talking refrigerant needing 30 lbs......I hope you mean PSI...30lbs of refrigerant, would lock the system right up.
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not sure about calling me.... you can use my personal email chris @ expertvolvo . com take away the spaces.

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